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I'm Sean, a web developer and graphic Designer and I'd love to help you with your next project.

I love making logos. You should check out my gallery of cool brands I've created.

Great sites done right. I specialize in WordPress, but I'll help you develop the right website for your audience.

Ads. Brochures. Maps. Books. Reports. Social Media images. Let's make something that makes some eyes pop.

The big sale. The annual report. The data-driven decision making. Let's make the most of your next presentation.

Choosing a design freelancer is like finding clothers that fit just right

10 Reasons to Choose a Design Freelancer

Design agencies can be great choices for your next project, but they can also cost you money and time when the right tool for the job should be a design freelancer. If you’re about to put out an RFP, then you are looking to save money and create value.  So how do you know when…
A stack of mail

Email Hacks Make Email Better for Everyone

Email is a pain and it’s got plenty of problems, but mastering it is the mark of a pro. Here are a couple of rules, philosophies, and email hacks I’ve made a part of my routine to save time and effort. Your Email should be just your first name What qualifies these as email hacks?…
My work desk

My Home Office: This is How I Work

A cluttered desk is a cluttered mind. I’m one of those highly organized people. I can’t do a messy desk. Clean. Open. Minimal. Exactly what I need. I’ve got a place for everything and everything in its place. So here’s my desk and this is How I Work: Stanley Stainless Steel Classic Mug for coffee…

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