Attic Light Studio takes a lot of pride in logos. We have a process to quickly find the right brand for your business, group or product. We provide full branding including logo, fonts, color selections and branding guides along with all the files you need to use your logos. And once they are made, Attic Light Studio can incorporate them into all your print and web projects!

  • Healthcare logos for organizations and products
  • Wine logos including vineyards and labels
  • Non-profit logos and small group logos
  • Artisan logos for online crafters
  • Game logos for entertainment products and books.

Client: Coalition for Headache and Migraine Patients
Brief: This brand is for CHAMP's RetreatMigraine convention, first held in San Antonio, Texas in 2019. The event involved over 200 people with migraine and headache-related diseases coming together for a weekend of education, support and community for their disease.

Client: CGRP & Migraine Community
Brief: An online support group for people dealing with chronic migraine and headache disorders and taking a new class of CGRP inhibitor prescription drugs.

CGRP & Migraine Community_Color Icon Title Vertical
Headache On The Hill

Client: Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy
Brief: A logo for a yearly event on Capitol Hill to update senators and representatives and ask for more funding for headache and migraine research

Client: Moon Valley Vineyard, a small co-op of wine makers
Brief: A small rural vineyard and wine maker, Moon Valley wanted a logo that was as elegant as their wines, and as mysterious as the night.

Moon Valley

Client: Migraine Idaho
Brief: Every year Migraine Idaho has a design contest for their yearly Haturday for Heads, a migraine awareness event. Attic Light Studio's design was chosen for their 2016 event.

Client: Katie Golden/Golden Graine
Brief: A migraine advocacy blogger and speaker, Katie Golden needed a brand that reflected her mantra "Living a Fulfilled Life with Chronic Migraine".

Logo and website by Attic Light Studio

Loop De Loop Crochet

Client: Loop De Loop Crochet
Brief: An Etsy crochet artist wanted a fun and catchy logo for her social media and online accounts.

Client: Katiebug Krochet
Brief:  A local crochet artist needed a whimsical logo for her business. Her inspiration was her daughter.


Client: Coalition For Headache And Migraine Patients
Brief: This umbrella advocacy group provides a platform and coordinated outreach for other, diverse advocacy groups.

Logo and website by Attic Light Studio

Client: Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy
Brief: This migraine advocacy group approached Attic Light to create a logo showing how their outreach cares for the entire neurology of pain.

AHDA Full Color

Other Logos Designed by Attic Light Studio

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