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Outline of Logo

A logo is more than a logo - it's the inspiration for your employees. It's the first impression to your clients. It's your message in a bottle.

Attic Light Studio is an expert in creating brands and logos for companies and products. 


Getting started is the hard part. We'll start with an indepth interview to see what your needs are and what inspiration should be behind your new logo. This can include:

  • A questionnaire with the primary contact
  • Interview with stakeholders
  • Audience focus groups
  • Competition analysis
  • Presentation of similar brands



Once we know what kind of logo, brand, or tagline we're going for, we can get started on the logo. Typically this starts with hand-drawn sketches and morphs into computer-ready art. You can be as involved as you need to be: you can rely on my expertise for something fast, or I can keep you appraised as we reach milestones, getting your input and decisions as needed! It's up to you.



When we have final approval (hooray!) you will receive a tailored branding guide, with examples and variations of your logo along with all the versions of the files you'll need to show your new logo to the world.

Logos Are Like Jokes...

..if you have to expain, it's no good.

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